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Fellows: 3 at all times.


The fellow will have scheduled rotations with the following faculty members: Eduard Alentorn-Geli, Pedro Álvarez-Díaz, David Barastegui, Ramón Cugat, Xavier Cuscó, and Roberto Seijas. During the 12-month fellowship, there will be three 2-month rotations with pairs of faculty member, twice (two rounds of 6-months rotations), so that each fellow get the chance to work with each faculty member twice. A detailed schedule of rotations will be given to the fellow at the beginning of the fellowship. Fellows will be provided with research time during the fellowship. A minimum of 6 peer-review, Indexed-journal, research articles is required at the end of the 1-year fellowship.

Fellows: 1

Schedule: The research fellow will have weekly/bi-weekly appointment with the Researh Fellowship Program Coordinator or Project Manager to give an update or progress/concerns/problems of the research projects. The hours of the research fellowship will be from 09:00 to 20:00, Mondays through Fridays.

Expectation: The research fellowship will be expected to complete 6 papers/research projects for the 6-month fellowship. For the 12-month fellowship, this will be 12 papers/research projects.

Maximum of 1 at all times

An observership will provide the freedom to move around within the institute acting mainly as observers during clinical and surgical activities. However, they will not be allowed to have direct patient care.

Maximum of 1 at all times

Visitors will be accepted through the year and will have the freedom to move around within the institute acting exclusively as observers and will not be involved in patient care.

Other forms of fellows/visitors will be accepted only under exceptional circumstances

O.R. Operating Room.

START. 9:00AM Clinic days / 8:00AM OR days

Note: OR days do NOT have a fixed ending time. The fellow will finish at the same time the faculty-in-charge has finished the OR program. However, if there are other attendings still taking place, the fellow may choose to stay and assist in the OR.


All questions please contact Mª. ISABEL PEÑAREDONDO MAGAT (Administrative Fellowship Coordinator)


Instituto Cugat is an arthroscopy and sports medicine-focused orthopedic private practice group that treats all types of sports injuries and conditions. Although we have a diverse patient base due to the reputation of Dr. Cugat and other top surgeons of his medical team, a significant number is comprised of recreational and professional athletes who turn to Instituto Cugat for advice and treatment. To further validate this claim, Dr. Cugat and his medical team currently manage the well-being of athletes within the Catalan Soccer Federation Health Services handling thousands of soccer-related injuries each year.

Our fellows will have the opportunity to attend surgeries regularly scheduled on Tuesdays and Fridays. Tuesday is the assigned surgery day for direct private patients while Friday is reserved for surgeries to be performed on athletes from the Catalan Soccer Federation. Wednesday and Thursday may also be operating days depending on the faculty you are rotating with.

On average our group performs 40-50 surgeries per week, mainly arthroscopy and sports- related injuries. You will be exposed to a variety of different cases involving knee / shoulder / hip / elbow / ankle / tendon-muscle, and other injuries or illnesses resulting from athletic activities.

Typical cases our medical group handles are:

KNEE: ACL, meniscal repair, PCL and PLC, meniscal transplant, osteotomies, cartilage treatments.

SHOULDER: Bankart repair (primary and revision), remplissage, arthroscopic (and open) latarjet, biceps tenodesis, rotator cuff repair, superior capsule reconstruction, tendon transfers for irreparable cuff tears, shoulder replacement (hemi, anatomic, reverse), and treatment of acute fractures or fracture sequelae.

ELBOW: Arthroscopic osteocapsular arthroplasty, arthroscopic elbow procedures (plica excision, ECRB release, loose body removal, chondral injuries, capsular shift, ligament repair), open ligament repair, ligament reconstruction, treatment of acute fractures or fracture sequelae, and elbow or radial head arthroplasty.

HIP: FAI, Peripheral compartment, gluteus medius repair.

FOOT/ANKLE: Arthroscopic procedures of the ankle (loose body removal, treatment of chondral injuries, arthrolysis), ligament repair or reconstruction, osteotomies.

MUSCLE/TENDON: Acute and chronic hamstrings and rectus femoris repair.

We are also leaders in the field of Orthobiologics that complement many of our conservative or surgical treatments. We have well trained Sports Medicine doctors in our team, leaders in Ultrasonography, in case you find yourself interested.

Working at the Cugat Institute is a valuable experience. Fellowship at the Institute is able to accommodate three types of fellows into its work and educational framework:

1. One Year Clinical Fellowship – This type of fellowship offers the applicant the opportunity to be an integral part of one of the most prestigious and specialized sports medicine units in the world. There will be 3 fellows within the unit with this tenure each year. The unit performs over 1800 cases each year and the fellows are generally present at almost all operating lists. The experience to be gained cannot be surpassed.

The Cugat Institute invites medical students and young orthopedic junior attendings, or any other interested health-related professional to apply for a 6-month or 1-year Clinical Research Fellowship position. The fellowship will be directed by the well-known and highly experienced Dr. Alentorn-Geli. The fellow will have the opportunity to get involved in many projects, and complete and publish a significant number of papers over the fellowship. We expect the fellows to be very productive. Instituto Cugat will help make this possible.

This is a wonderful opportunity for a highly-motivated medical student to strengthen their application for the orthopedic residency in their countries of origin. This is also an excellent opportunity for non-student individuals to strengthen their CVs by increasing the number of publications and research projects. The program may also serve as an effective way to establish a worldwide research network for the rest of their careers. The research fellow will be expected to work on numerous projects with several investigators, therefore, excellent organizational and communication skills are paramount.

Instituto Cugat has a fulltime Project Manager in musculoskeletal research, Patricia Laiz, who will work closely with the research fellow on the ongoing and new projects.

Duties include project design, scientific literature search, data collection, progress updates, book chapters writing, and manuscript preparation. There is an opportunity of attending and participating in oral and poster presentations at regional and national meetings. You will have the opportunity to work with six sports medicine orthopedic surgeons and the chance to spend one day a week in the Operating Room. Instituto Cugat and Fundación Garcia-Cugat collaborate with several universities such as Universidad CEU-UCH in Valencia, Murcia University, Córdoba University and University of Las Palmas. Because of the close relationship with other educational institutions in Barcelona, Cadaver and Biomechanical research will be a possibility linked to adequate projects. In addition, the one-year research fellow will have the opportunity to get involved in basic science projects thanks to the extensive and productive collaboration with veterinary schools in the above-mentioned universities.

Fellows will be involved in Clinical and Research activities. The roles of the Fellow include:

The clinical fellows will be expected to complete 6 papers/research projects during the 12-month fellowship.

Undertake Specialist Surgical Training in Arthroscopy and Sports Medicine related injuries by being part of Instituto Cugat.

Assist in the day to day running of the unit. In particular the fellow must ensure the smooth running of the operating room lists.

Continue the gathering of clinical information for the Institute’s database. This includes the pre-operative assessment of patients as well as data collection in peri- and post-operative settings.

Assist with out-patients department and clinics.

Contribute to ongoing research projects or create new ones.

Contribute in Book Chapters and other educational projects.

Assist in power point/keynotes presentations and video creation.

Facilitate in the smooth running of Instituto Cugat´s meetings and courses.

The clinical fellows will be expected to complete 3 papers/research projects for the 6-month fellowship and 6 papers/research projects for the 12-month fellowship.

Bring new ideas and innovations to the department so that the institute can evolve.

Doing weekend in-patient rounds in a rotatory schedule

The older fellows will introduce and teach the new fellows about the roles and activities in Instituto Cugat.

The fellow should have passed his or her specialist orthopedic exam or at least will be in the final year of his/her training period.

The fellow must have suitable evidence of full registration with the medical regulatory body of their home country as well as evidence of health clearance to practice medicine.

Strong application: CV, letters of recommendation, letter of motivation, negative drug tests and proof of adequate vaccinations.

Language: The fellow must have an advanced proficiency level in speaking, comprehension, and writing in English. Fellows with the same skills for Spanish will be favored.

Research skills: The fellow will be expected to have a good knowledge and understanding of data collection, data analysis and scientific writing. It is essential that fellows have accredited research experience; surgeons with previous published research projects will be considered as strong applicants.

Advanced clinical and surgical skills in arthroscopic surgery are not mandatory but are recommended to make the most of your fellowship.

Video: Editing and being familiar with current technologies is important as we document and present many of our techniques in this format through the year.

A suitable fellow will have the initiative to contribute to the Institute’s knowledge base and experience. The working environment is always friendly and team-based with fellows always welcome and treated as valued members. Good relationship with the other fellows is also encouraged. Many of those who stayed with us in the past are now leaders in the field of Arthroscopy and Sports Medicine.

Previous fellows have gained strong clinical, surgical skills and criteria for the treatment of very diverse sports injuries and other pathologies. The unparalleled volume of sports cases gives the fellows the opportunity to undertake original research projects and large caseload clinical investigations.

Because of the intense practice of the Institute, surgery and the clinic days are long. You are expected to stay until your faculty-in-charge has ended the work, so please organize your logistics in accordance. In each rotation, you will have time off for research or personal needs. Time off will vary according to each faculty member.. You will normally have weekends free, with the exception of visiting the admitted patients on rotation basis with other fellows.

Upholding confidentiality at Instituto Cugat is of utmost importance. All staff and doctors have an ethical, professional, and legal duty to respect patients´ rights to privacy and confidentiality regarding their personal and health information, and how it should be used. Clinical records and images are “health information”, and must be treated with the same privacy and confidentiality as any other health record or information. All visitors an fellows will have to sign a mandatory NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) before commencement of his/her work at Instituto Cugat. Failure to observe these rules may have legal consequences and result to the cessation of the fellowship.

Visitors, Observers and Fellows are not allowed to use personal devices to capture images or video in any of the facilities of the Institute, unless it is related to clinical activities carried within Instituto Cugat, and always under authorization and supervision of the faculty member in charge.

Patients scheduled for surgery sign a written consent for acquiring images or video intended for teaching, training, and research purposes, those are whenever possible de-identified and are compliant with relevant research or ethical guidelines.

Professional behavior and clothing is expected; it must be adequate to the Orthopaedic Institute and consistent with the standards that you will observe of the institute’s staff and Doctors; any of the visitors may be required to observe these standards in case of non-compliance with the standards.

“ We are delighted to open our “home” to visitors and fellows as they are a stimulus and a source of cultural and personal enrichment to ourselves.”

The Institute is considering the possibility of funding for surgeons participating in a one year Clinical/Research Fellowship. Fellows of the unit may also benefit from a large reduction in the cost of lunch in the hospital’s restaurant.

All questions please contact Mª. ISABEL PEÑAREDONDO MAGAT (Administrative Fellowship Coordinator)


Every FELLOW / VISITOR / OBSERVER must present the following documents upon application. Kindly send these to Mª ISABEL PEÑAREDONDO (Fellowship Coordinator)


Medical School Transcript

Medical Doctor Degree

Title of Orthopedic Specialist (if applicable)

Proof of English and/or Spanish Proficiency

Passport copy

Letter of Motivation

2 Letters of Recommendation

Once the application is complete and approved, our Faculty Selection Committee may interview the candidates before the final selection.

If you are selected and a period for your stay has been assigned you will have to send the rest of the documents:

Insurance certificate

Visa Approval

Payment receipt of the 600€ donation to Cugat Foundation* (only applicable to VISITORS)

If you are selected ad a period for your stay has been assigned, you will have to send the following additional documents:

Insurance Certificate

Certificate of clean criminal background

Visa approval

Negative drug test one month before the initiation of the fellowship

Current adequate vaccination certificate

Applications will be received through the year and selected applicants will be informed in advance of the dates assigned to carry out the stay in the suggested duration of 3, 6 or 12 months.

Be aware that you may be assigned a period for your fellowship up to 2 years in advance.

A serious commitment is requested from the fellow once the two parties have accepted the assigned period. Modifications over this period will not always be possible due to high demand and may be reason for cancellation of your stay.

From the start it is important to know that although we are looking for funding sources, we do not offer any type of salary during the fellowship. Your flight, accommodation and maintenance throughout your stay is your responsibility, although we can assist you with some of the administration, advice, organization, reservations.

Enrollment fee: there is an enrollment fee assigned for each type of program. For more information please contact the administrative fellowship coordinator by e-mail. Fees collected are directly donated to Fundación García Cugat for research funding.

IBAN: ES98-2100-0815-5402-0083-4172


For your accommodation please look at:

We suggest that with regards to your search for accommodation, that you use Google Maps to get a good idea of the neighborhoods surrounding the hospital. The address is: Hospital Quiron Barcelona, Plaza Alfonso Comin, 5-7, 08023, Barcelona.

Barcelona Neighborhoods to search: Gracia, Les Corts (there is a metro that can bring you from Gracia and les Corts within 5 minutes walking distance from the Hospital) The metro is Line 3, the green line so if you search for accommodation near a metro stop on the green line, it would be more convenient for you. The nearest metro stops to the Hospital are: Vallcarca, Penitents all on Line 3 (Green). Close to the Hospital, it will be difficult to find «affordable» accommodation, but if you search in the neighborhoods of GRACIA or Sant Andreu, Clot, Sagrada Familia there should be flats, rooms and hotels that fit all kinds of budget.

IMPORTANT: If you have trouble finding accommodation please tell us. Expect to pay around 1.200€ per month for decent accommodation.

For transportation within Barcelona Area:

For Food on Working Days:

The Quironsalud Hospital Provides the workers with a healthy variety of food, a complete 3 course meal (First, main and dessert with bread) costs 10,60€ each day. The Personnel Cafeteria is located on Floor 0, behind the visitors Cafeteria. You are free to bring your own lunchbox, we have a small “office” where we have a fridge and microwave to heat the food.

On Surgery days, we ask you to bring your lunchbox straight to the OR lockers. There is place for your lunch there as well. There are specific available daily lockers for fellows and visitors as well as scrubs and surgical boots.

Upon your application being accepted you will receive an official invitation to facilitate the visa application process.

The below 5 items are vital for a successful visa application.

1) Official Invitation from Dr. Cugat and Instituto Cugat (ISAKOS APPROVED TEACHING CENTRE)

2) Booking confirmation of accommodation for the full duration of your stay in Barcelona. You will be required to provide the address and some form of proof of payment and/or booking confirmation of your Hotel/Apartment.

3) Personal financial information, with details of your current financial position, proving that you have a minimum of 50-60€ per day at your disposition.

4) The visa application must be made with at least 5-6 weeks before the start date of the Fellowship.

5) You would need insurance for the duration of your Fellowship. Again, this will have to be shouldered by yourselves. You may ask your University or College as they may help you in obtaining one. Otherwise, consult the insurance companies on these types of insurance coverages.

“Thank you for considering Instituto Cugat for your stay and training, we are confident that the professional and human experience for you will be exceptional and an indelible mark on your future..”

All questions please contact Mª. ISABEL PEÑAREDONDO MAGAT (Administrative Fellowship Coordinator)