What is arthroscopic surgery or arthroscopy?
Arthroscopy or arthroscopic surgery is an advanced surgical technique commonly used to correct joint injuries. In the world of sport meniscus injuries and knee cruciate ligament injuries are quite common. In addition, this surgical technique allows to treat both large joints (shoulder and hip) and smaller joints (wrist, elbow and ankle).

One of the main features of arthroscopy is that it is a minimally invasive technique, which allows to operate by reducing

significantly the damage and scars that the operation produces, and thus you get better recovery times. The surgery consists of small incisions that allow access to the inside of the joint with the specific instruments and thus address the injury. The instruments used

are thin tubes equipped with a camera with a light at its end that allows to see clearly inside the joint.

In recent years the arthroscopic technique has benefited from technological advances that have allowed to create ever smaller devices and with high definition images that allow to visualize the interior of the joint in a very clear way. These advances and the use of these materials have made it possible to significantly refine the arthroscopic surgery technique allowing a noticeable improvement in the effectiveness and accuracy of these procedures.