Diagnostic tools are not only useful in diagnosis but also for planning a surgery. These tools include: MRI, x-ray, CT scan, scintigraphy or ultrasound. Different tools may be utilized with the use of contrast-generating substances for better visualization of tissues or organs.

In our center, we count on an Ultrasound Unit with doctors who specialize in this technique. Ultrasound is a diagnostic procedure with the use of imaging and its use in the specialized field of traumatology or sports medicine is currently on the rise.

This is a dynamic technique that allows us to diagnose injuries; determine and quantify its grade, deliver a prognosis to the athlete, propose treatment, and set follow up checks to monitor evolution. It permits us to perfectly identify different structures of the locomotor system (muscles, tendons, connective tissue, ligaments, etc.) for purposes of diagnosis and treatment.

In addition, in terms of intervention, ultrasound-guided treatments for injury in the locomotor system is proving to be more useful. It increases accuracy in our treatments as it enables visualization of the structure requiring intervention and needle control at any point during the procedure.