Location: Hospital Quirón Barcelona, Main Auditorium – Plaza Alfonso Comín, 5. 08023. Barcelona

President & Moderator/ Presides and Modera: Dr. Montserrat Garcia Balletbó, President of the Garcia Cugat Foundation and Director of the Regenerative Medicine Unit Hospital Quirón Barcelona.

10’00 – 10’10h:  Welcome & Presentation / Welcome and course   presentation

Dra. Montserrat Garcia Balletbó, Barcelona.

10’10 – 10’40h: Regenerative Treatments in Orthopedic Surgeries. Possibilities of Adipose Tissue / Regenerative Treatments in Traumatology: Possibilities of Adipose Tissue .
Dr.   José María Carrillo. CEU Valencia.

10’40 – 11’00h: European Regulatory Affairs in Cellular Therapy 
Dr. Steve Kesten, USA

11’00 – 11’20h: Rationale to use ADRC in orthopedic lesions. 
Dr. Steve Kesten, USA

11’20 – 11’30h: Discussion/Discussion

11’30 – 11’50h: Coffee Break

11’50 – 12’10h: Previous Cruciate Ligament Surgery: Our Preferred technique./ Anterior Cruciate Ligament Surgery Surgery Surgery Surgery: Our Choice Technique. 
Dr. Roberto Seijas, Barcelona

12’10 – 12’30h: Study about ACL Surgery with ADRC. Preliminary Results/ Study on the use of ADRC in ACL surgeries. Preliminary results. 
Dr. Ramón Cugat, Barcelona

12’30 – 12’40h: Discussion/ Discussion

12’40 – 13’00h: Regenerative Cells in Cartilage. FDA approved study in OA. 
Dr. Steve Kesten, USA

13’00 – 13’20h: Meniscus Surgery: Techniques & Tricks/ Meniscus Surgeries: Techniques and Tricks. 
Dr. Xavier Cuscó, Barcelona

13’20 – 13’40h: Clinical Study using ADRC in Meniscus Surgeries/ Clinical Study on the use of ADRC in meniscus surgeries. 
Dr. Pedro Alvarez, Barcelona

13’40 – 14’00h: Discussion & Conclusions/ Discussion and conclusions

14’00 – 15’00h: Working Lunch/ Working lunch

15’00h:   Live Surgery   by Dr.   Ramón Cugat

  and his team/ Live surgery by Dr.Ramón Cugat   and his team