Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy

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Success in recovering from a pathology of orthopedics and traumatology or surgery may require the implementation of a specific rehabilitation program to accelerate the recovery of the patient in a safe and effective way.
The prescription of rehabilitation physiotherapy implies the consensus of rehabilitation protocols following clinical practice guidelines with the different doctors who refer their patients to rehabilitation
for experience, professionalism, trust and seeking excellence in caring for the patient throughout their rehabilitation process with a humane and close treatment, and adapted to each patient.

The physiotherapy rehabilitation department works in coordination with the referring physicians, whether or not from the Hospital itself, to ensure the highest quality of care to our patients. Therefore, the protocolization of the rehabilitative treatment of various pathologies has been initiated, consensual with the specific services of the hospital.

From the Rehabilitation Department Hospital Quirónsalud Barcelona, the patient is treated in its entirety with the most appropriate and advanced physiotherapy rehabilitation modalities for each pathology, according to their clinical situation, to achieve their maximum physical, functional and quality of life recovery.

The treatment of physiotherapy is performed individually, according to therapeutic objectives adapted to each patient and their clinical situation.

Portfolio of services:

The Rehabilitation Service Hospital Quirónsalud Barcelona is specialized in the prevention and treatment of the pathologies that benefit most from this medical discipline. The portfolio of services includes:

Sports rehabilitation: muscle, tendon, ligament, fibrillary injuries, very often attended to anterior cruciate ligament rupture, meniscopathy and multiple tendinopathies, rehabilitation physiotherapy.

Degenerative and inflammatory musculoskeletal pathology, especially osteoarthritis and osteoporosis.

Spine pathology: cervicalgia, lumbalgia, radiculopathy, sciatica, herniated discs treated conservatively or surgically surgery; deviations from rachis (scoliosis, kyphosis).

Trauma (fractures, sprains, strains,); postoperative orthopedic surgery (arthroscopy, prosthesis).

Neurological or neurosurgical sequelae: increases the incidence of traffic accidents with sequelae of spinal injury or cranio-brain trauma; with increased survival, the incidence of stroke, Parkinson’s disease, is increased.

Rehabilitation Physiotherapy
Respiratory Rehabilitation
Cardiac Rehabilitation
Rehabilitation of the cancer patient. Lymphedema.

Rehabilitation of the pelvic floor (more common is urinary incontinence) in young women (prepartum preparation, postpartum), after menopause, after gynecological surgery, and in males after prostate surgery (tumoral or not).

Postoperative rehabilitation of the cosmetic surgery patient: augmentation mammoplasty, postmastectomy breast reconstruction, lifting scars.

Multidisciplinary RHB of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome

Extracorporeal shock waves: focal and radial in tendonopathies (calcifying or not shoulder), epicondylitis, trochantery bursitis, patellar tendinopathy, aquilea tendinopathy, plantar fasciitis, trigger points, pseudoarthrosis, chronic pelvic pain, erectile dysfunction, etc.

Treatment modalities:

Rehabilitation under hospital admission: admitted patient who requires rehabilitator treatment (cardiorespiratory, respiratory, neurological pathology)

Rehabilitation on an outpatient basis in the therapeutic area (Gym): physiotherapy sessions are performed individually for each patient according to their pathology and clinical situation, after a evaluation by the physical therapist.

Therapeutic techniques of the Hospital Quirónsalud Barcelona Rehabilitation Service:


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