IV Scientific Meeting Garcia Cugat Foundation

Port Aventura – Salou (Tarragona)
October 4, 2014

The day is aimed at doctors, veterinarians and students from both disciplines.

It is held in parallel to the Ii International Congress of Veterinary Medicine convened from 3 to 5 October 2014 also organized by the García Cugat Foundation and the Chair of Medicine and Regenerative Surgery García Cugat Foundation – CEU Cardenal Herrera University of Valencia

Link to the II International Congress of Veterinary Medicine Website

9.00h. Presentation of the IV Days of the García Cugat Foundation
President of the Foundation: Dra. Montserrat García Balletbó

9.15am. PRGF- Clinical utilities and clinical applications
Dr. Eduardo Anitua

10.00h. Utility of TMG in sports pathology
Dr. Pedro Alvarez

10.20h. Application of PRGF in recent fractures, consolidation delays and pseudo osteoarthritis
Dr. Xavier Cusco

10.40h. Use and results of PRGF-endoret® in hip arthroscopy
Dr Roberto Seijas

11.00h. Evolution of OA treated with PRGF-endoret®
Dr. Oscar Ares

11.20h. Coffee

12.00h. Do eco-guided punctures help us in the treatment of injuries?
Dra. Marta Rius

12.20h. Characterization of potential donor sources for bio-based therapy in the autologous treatment of osteoathritic lesions
Dr. Ignacio Muñoz Criado

12.40h. Fat-derived stem cell biology: therapeutic applications
Dra. Victoria Moreno

13.00h. Application and results of PRGF in athletes’ muscle injuries
Dr. Ramón Cugat

13.20h. Lunch

3.30pm. Skin annex lesions treated with PRGF-endoret®
Dra. Ana Wang

15.50h. Biomechanical evaluation of repair of acute tendon injuries treated with PRGF
Dr. Diego López

16.10h. Update on effectiveness, evidence and efficiency in shockwaves
Dra. Silvia Ramón

16.30h. New advances in the treatment of fibromyalgia with shock waves
Dra. Leonor Hernandez

16.50h. Use of PRGF in fractures. Clinical trial
Dr. José Ma Carrillo

17.10h. Effect of Platelet Rich Plasma Vs Mesenchymal Cells on Wound Treatment
Dr. Joaquin Sopena

5.30pm. Coffee


18.00h. Effect of fat mesenchymal cells on cartilage lesions. Clinical trial
Dr. Ramón Cugat

18.15h. Characterization of the different types of PRP preparation
Dr. Juan Manuel Dominguez

18.30h. Clinical effect of the application of Mesenchymal Cells vs Growth Factors in the dog with osteoarthritis.
Dr. Alejandro Tarragó

18.45h. Efficacy of CSCs, and PRGF in the treatment of osteoarthritis. Clinical Trial
Dra. Bethlehem Raven

19.00h. Effect of chondroitin sulfate on pain in knee osteoarthritis evaluated by functional magnetic resonance: clinical trial, randomized, double-blind comparative with placebo
Dr Jordi Monfort

19.15h. Arthrotest®: the first genetic test to predict the progression of knee osteoarthritis
Dr. Josep Vergés

19.30h. Is it possible to modify the course of osteoarthritis and delay the need for prostheses?
Dra. Alba Gurt

19.45h. Effect of combination of chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine versus celecoxib on knee osteoarthritis: RESULTS of the MOVES clinical trial
Dr Cristobal Orellana