The Treatments of the García Cugat Foundation allow an accelerated recovery of cartilaginous and muscle lesions through the patient’s own biology

Injuries are the bitter face of sport; year after year there are many sports races that are interrupted by misfortune. The García Cugat Foundation was created by a group of doctors, veterinarians and other health professionals to research biological therapy. Currently focus on boosting the treatment of cartilaginous and muscle lesions from regenerative therapies with the use of stem cells. The Foundation has just celebrated its tenth anniversary coinciding with the eighth international congress of biomedical research held in the City of Football of the Rozas of Madrid.

The goal of the Foundation is to find the remedy to eliminate knee, hip and ankle pains caused by cartilage problems and avoid prosthetics and surgeries. Achieving this is a great saving for public health. The latest technique is the one known as ‘The Mesh’: a matrix formed from tiny fragments of cartilage coupled to a clot consisting of plasma and platelets of the patient himself. Today the Foundation is treating more than 30 patients with this therapy, including world-class international athletes.


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