Hip arthroscopy in footballers

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Sports practice brings undisputed overall benefits to the population. Maintaining good physical conditionhelps our cardiovascular system improve heart function and oxygen exchange in the lungs. The musculoskeletal system is also reinforced with a regular practice of sport. Joints, muscles and bones in general maintain a better metabolism with the performance of a regular sports practice.

But sometimes, sports practice also brings us injuries. Undoubtedly, muscle injuries are the most common in most sports, with fiber breaks and well-known “hole” by the majority of the population that initiates physical activity.

Sports such as football,martial arts, hockey, etc., which require a bending and twisting of the hip in a repeated way can give us problems in this joint. High-intensity practitioners, or professionals in these sports, need hours of training and competition that produce thousands of repetitions of movements that close this joint by bending and internal rotation in numerous cycles.

This situation can become more complicated in young people growing up during puberty. The realization of these sports, can favor in some of them a greater growth of areas of the hip that increase these impacts.

The hip, when it has some deformities such as those known as hip femoroacetabular impingement, there is an impact on the soft parts of the joint that become trapped, and there is a progressive rupture of them. This leads in many cases to also injure the cartilage of the joint.

A correct diagnosis and treatment of these situations, allows us to avoid a progression of symptoms such as pain, the limitation of mobility by rigidity and a recovery of activities, both day to day, as work or sports.

Hip arthroscopy is a surgical technique that we started using on a regular basis decades ago, developing and defining new pathologies, new treatments and comprehensive diagnostic, treatment and recovery programs for these injuries.

Dr Roberto Seijas

Specialist in Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology

Arthroscopic Hip Surgery Unit

Instituto Cugat


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