By Oriol Domenech

The Barca is very big. In most cases it is positive, although in others not so much. It occurs with Dr. Ramon Cugat, a prestigious traumatologist known to the general public for his numerous interventions to his stars, from Pep Guardiola to Gabi Milito to Abelardo, Luis Enrique, Eto’o or Xavi. But there is a hidden profile of Dr. Cugat that he has just unveiled for a single purpose: to achieve resources to continue helping those most in need.

For two decades, the Cugat couple (his wife, Montse García, is a pathologist) has hosted annually in his house in Ciudad Condal a doctor from India, who also pays for studies and form in some of the centers where the traumatologist, the Mutua Montañesa or the Hospital Quirón (previously the Clínica del Pilar) works. On one of their trips to the Asian country, the couple discovered that their poverty also presided over day-to-day hospitals, where resources are also scarce, and decided to periodically rescue one of their doctors. Paying everything out of his pocket.

Dr. Cugat believes that the time has come to be ambitious and, with the unpayable help of his daughter Deborah, has decided to promote the García Cugat Foundation (the name is a tribute to Cugat’s father-in-law, who was the one who promoted arthroscopic surgery in Spain) so that it is not just a young doctor from India who takes advantage of the European economic potential , but many more, and from different backgrounds. The foundation, which was presented by Dr. Cugat himself, will promote a series of income-generating initiatives to continue training young doctors in developing countries and, to a lesser extent, deepen the research of proteins called growth factors to regenerate damaged tissues. The laying of this solidarity project, a couple of weeks ago, featured a very special guest, Dr. Savio Woo, professor of Biomechanics at the University of Pittsburgh, with whom Cugat was especially grateful for his countless teachings and who in recent months filled covers in the United States after recovering two of the steelers’ stars , Ward and Polamalu, winners of the last edition of the Superbowl.

Estopa Concert

The Catalan Football Federation, for which Cugat has been working for four decades (about 8,000 players pass annually through his hands or those of his team), has been the first collaborating entity. The seconds will be Estopa, who next Friday (21h.) will offer a concert in the Luz de Gas hall in Barcelona and will allocate all the proceeds to the foundation. The Muñoz brothers, David and José, have gone through Dr. Cugat’s office and have joined the cause. A role model.

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Source: Sports World