Dr. José Garcia Cugat (15 October 1924 L’Aldea (Tarragona) – 16 December 1990 Poliny (Barcelona)

Orthopedic surgeon, traumatologist and specialist in physical education medicine, he was founder of the Spanish Association of Arthroscopy.

Other photographs by Dr. Garcia Cugat

The Foundation is named after Dr. José Garcia Cugat.

Founding partner and 1st President of the Spanish Association of Arthroscopy.

He began his medical studies at the University of Barcelona in 1945. He graduated in Medicine and Surgery in 1951. He passed the Undergraduate Exam with the qualification of NOTABLE in 1952.

Volunteer physician of Professor Piulachs Service at the Hospital Clinic in Barcelona until 1975.

Professor of practices of the Surgery Service of Professor Piulachs of the Faculty of Medicia of the University of Barcelona.

Doctor of the following football teams (1954-1980): The Spain Industrial, Condal, Barcelona Atlético and F.C. Barcelona until 1980.

Physician Traumatologist at the Catalan Regional Delegation of the Mutuality of Spanish Footballers was part of the “Cabot-García Cugat” team.

Physician Traumatologist and Orthopaeda in the Mutua Patronal Montañesa de accidents of work No. 17 Delegation for Catalonia, where he served as Head of the Traumatology and Orthopaedics Service in that entity until December 1986.

He participated in multiple congresses, courses, conferences and symposiums both national and foreign.