Doctor Cugat: “Suarez has gone very fast, two months ago he was already playing”

SPORT interview with Dr. Ramon Cugat, prestigious sports traumatologist who operated from the meniscus to the Uruguayan

After this football stop, now, on the return, will injuries increase?

It is an anomalous season and we have never experienced it, it is expected that there will be injuries and perhaps more, especially muscle. There are not only personal factors, but also emotional factors, especially for teams at both ends. Those below suffer more from the psychological stress of defeat, you have to be careful.

“We must avoid injury; with good advice I hope they don’t increase”

What can be done?

We must avoid injury. I always tell footballers: “You have to be fit to do sport, we’ll never do sports to be fit.” I trust that they will get well aware and do not start running crazy, avoid cold sprints, first you have to have the muscle well oiled. Good advice is important that footballers know how to rest and eat well. If they assume it, we could make the percentage not as high as might be expected.

Gerard Piqué said a month was a short time before he played again. Do you think so?

I think it’s a little short preparation period, but you have to know how to solve, it’s for everyone. The trainer and physical preparers will play a very important role. Why? As there is little left, an injury is to heal quickly and sometimes we run too high, we have too large a percentage of relapses and they will involve us more nervousness. You have to think very carefully with your head and make the relevant changes when the footballer is somewhat exhausted.

Is Dr. Cugat in favor of the return of football?

In life there are two attitudes, either I stay home or I go out. If I stay, maybe I won’t have an accident, unless the house falls on me, and if I leave the house, well, yes, I can have it. There’s a lot at stake and you don’t have to be afraid of him, life goes on. The risks exist, but be very careful with closing a country… If there is an un thoughtful mishap, you can always turn back. I’m in favor of coming back.

“I’m a supporter of a return to football, there’s always a risk but life goes on”