Valencian researchers from the García Cugat Foundation and CEU Cardenal Herra test in dogs a pioneering technique to regenerate joints in humans, it is based on growth factors in the plasma of blood and adult stem cells that are in fat. The results are positive and are prepared to test it in people.

These researchers say that degenerative diseases in dogs and humans are very similar so this pioneering treatment is being experienced in man’s best friend. It involves mixing plasma growth factors with adult stem cells found in fat.

Dr. José María Carrillo: “We have very hopeful preliminary results. The animals have improved their osteoarthritis by more than 70 percent, improved their quality of life and allowed them to live with a single application for more than a year without resorting to anti-inflammatory drugs or drugs that make them feel more comfortable.”

The García Cugat Foundation and CEU Cardenal Herrera researchers are preparing to try this new treatment in human osteoarthritis.

Information broadcast on Channel 9 – 9 February 2013