By Javier Granda Revilla

The García Cugat Foundation for biomedical research has celebrated its first ten years with two scientific days at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Murcia and at the Chiron Hospital in Barcelona.

A decade ago, a group of doctors and vets friends began researching biological therapies for growth factors and stem cells. The beginning was informal, but it gave rise to the foundation, which already has a patent: an instrument for studying the posteroexterna rotary instability of the knee, and is in the way of getting another; it has also generated doctoral theses and publications“, lists Montserrat García Balletbó, president of the García Cugat Foundation and head of the Regenerative Medicine Unit of the Chiron of Barcelona.

“Whenwe started, the evidence in growth factors was non-existent and there are now 37 papers with level I evidence. The main drawback is that a universal language is not used: growth factors are used, but the substance used is not defined,”he regretted.

Since its inception a decade ago, the García Cugat Foundation has been successful in a patent, as well as in various doctoral theses and publications


As for mesenchymal stem cells, García Balletbó has pointed out the“fear”of the lack of sufficient work regarding the interruption in growth. In addition, it considers that it is an expensive process“in which it is not known how much cells to implant, so it should be concreted with more studies, especially when the tissue needs to be regenerated, as in myocardial infarctions, in processes of nerve degeneration and in diabetes”.

Finally, it indicated the need for health authorities to incorporate progress into the rules. “They are reluctant, for they insist that there be more scientific evidence and I understand it. But we have to keep working on it.”

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Source: Medical Journal